Are you ready to
level up your network?

Most coaching programs will FAIL you.

Because tired templates, copy/paste tactics, and fortune-cookie advice won't grow your firm. Crisp Coach is less like a "kumbaya" summer camp and more like training for the Navy SEALs: tough love, hard work, serious results.

  • They paint by numbers. We help you draw the blueprint.
  • They give you hugs. We push you past limitations.
  • They preach from the pulpit. We get in the weeds with you.
  • They drown you in tactics. We give you tools to grow.

You won't be force-fed regurgitated tactics you could get from any management book. Crisp Coach attacks the root of what's holding you back.

It's the difference between being handed a fishing rod and being taught how to fish.

Crisp Coach is by application only.

With limited seats and an exceptional caliber of growth-minded law firm owners, we are extremely selective about who we allow to join.

To inquire about program availability and discuss this program with our team, please complete the brief 2-minute form below.


You've outgrown your current network.
It's time to level up.

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Think Like a Market Leader

Step into your role as a visionary leader. From the mindset you adopt to the way you set goals and delegate, Crisp Coach equips you to own the role.

Transform your firm's "culture" from an abstract concept to an unstoppable force that drives how you work, communicate, and achieve. 

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Make Powerful Connections

Connect with growth-minded 7- and 8-figure law firm owners at hands-on virtual workshops, and stay connected with our exclusive members-only Facebook group. These are the relationships that generate referrals and fuel your growth.

Finally — a room full of people on your level (and beyond it) willing to open up and share.

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World-Class Video Assets

Get a strategically selected video content library, all delivered at Crisp's gold standard. Own your niche, demonstrate your value, and profile your team with a variety of effective assets designed to get results.

Don't believe us? We wrote the book on it.

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Relentless Digital Marketing

Implement advanced and comprehensive marketing campaigns to saturate the major digital channels with your law firm’s messaging — all managed by the team behind the #1 law firm growth company in the nation.


With Social Stack, reach and engage with targeted prospects wherever they are online.

Included with every Crisp Coach program, Crisp Social Stack makes it easy to saturate all the major social media channels with your law firm's messaging, creating massive reach to targeted prospects and your ideal clients.

This done-for-you service is deal for attorneys who need a reliable, long-term way to...

  • Expand their law firm's messaging to multiple social media channels
  • Reach, connect, and engage with potential clients specific to a particular practice area
  • Stand out in an overly competitive market, especially against larger law practices
How Social Stack Works

Step 1

We produce 6 optimized social media cuts based on your legal brand video.

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Step 2

We implement all of your videos across each of the major social media platforms, targeting your ideal clients and leveraging each platform's unique native ad types.


Step 3

We provide you with constant reporting on the performance of your videos, ensuring your firm's messaging receives maximum reach and engagement across platforms.

Social Stack Clients Have Experienced:

Is Your Team Ready for a Culture Revolution?

Discover the targeted solutions you need to enhance your team's communication and maximize your ability to achieve game-changing results every single day. With new approaches to personal and professional evaluation, onsite training allows you to bring next-level development to your firm's human capital. Combining the insights of both The Kolbe Index and PRINT, you'll be able to answer the HOW and WHY behind your actions, reactions, and decisions.

Ensure That Every Person is Working in Line with His or Her Natural Abilities
Never Again Have a Person in the Wrong Role
Increase Efficiencies in Your Office
Improve Team Communication & Delegation
Crisp-Experience logo_white_JS

Imagine a world where the phones are answered right every single time. Where you never lose a client to your competition. Where a consistent stream of new cases is flowing into your law firm. Where you only spend your time on the highest-impact tasks that energize you, leverage your strengths, and move your business forward fastest.

This world exists.

Introducing Crisp Experience, a tailored training solution for your team — and your one-way ticket to accelerated growth.

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Empower your A-players to specialize in their unique abilities and maximize effectiveness in their roles. This program will align their individual goals and aspirations with the mission and vision of your organization in order to generate solutions and drive bottom-line results for your law firm.

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With four customized training pathways, a strategic calendar of workshops, webinars, and checkpoints — plus the power of a 24/7 on-demand training portal and an online community to connect your team with law firm professionals from around the country — Crisp Experience is the missing piece to your team’s success.

Crisp Academy is your go-to platform for comprehensive legal marketing and law firm growth training.

Included in every Crisp Coach program, Crisp Academy will provide your law firm a one-stop shop to expand and sharpen your team's specific skillsets, boost productivity, and drive the results you need to reach your goals.

Get access to a vast library of rigorous marketing and business growth trainings, including several comprehensive courses that provide recognized certifications upon completion.

With Crisp Academy, you'll receive individualized training designed to get you where you want to go.


Crisp Academy

The Crisp Coach Program is NOT for you if...


You don’t have a strong foundation to stand on.

Crisp Coach programs are for law firms earning at least $500,000 in annual revenue. Our average firm in the program is $1M+.


You wilt under pressure.

Crisp Coach pushes you to make difficult decisions and hard changes.


You’re not ALL-IN.

We don’t want members who are not fully committed to growing their businesses.


You can’t keep up.

Transformational growth requires intentional action — and Crisp Coach is not for passengers.

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Brought to You by the #1 Law Firm Growth Company in America

Crisp Coach is brought to you by Crisp Video — the nation’s fastest-growing company of its kind: from $500 to $20M+ in under 7 years. That’s no accident.

After helping our clients generate over $450,000,000 in revenue, we’ve seen the inner workings of hundreds of firms large and small — and the consistent, repeatable factors that set the game changing successes apart.

We coach law firm owners to engineer that success. Not only through video production and elite marketing — but total transformation: how you hire, systematize, and focus.

We don’t just give you incredible video marketing.

We equip you to live up to it.


A Billion Dollar Vision

We’re on a mission to help over 1,000 law firm owners grow their revenues by $1 million ($1 billion impact) by 2024.

We do it because we believe that in a perfect world, the best cases should go to the best attorneys. Unfortunately, in today’s ultra-competitive legal landscape, the best cases go to the best marketers.

We strive to bridge that gap so both can be true.

What Crisp Coach members are saying about their experience


“Bader Scott Injury Lawyers had outgrown its network and many of the masterminds that we were in before, and when you combine Michael [Mogill]’s knowledge of the legal marketing space and legal management along with the amazing attorneys and law firms that are in the Crisp Coach program, I felt like it was a no brainer.”

Seth Bader
Bader Scott Injury Lawyers
Personal Injury

Howard Spiva Circle-1

“You’re working with people that are on your level. You’re working with people that have reached financial success beyond yours. It’s putting you around like-minded, positive people who have similar goals.”

Howard Spiva
Spiva Law Group, P.C. 
Personal Injury


“Crisp Coach works hand-in-hand with me and my firm. They know what my concerns are, and they stay on top of them. They stays on top of me to see that they don’t get ignored and that the goals that I’ve set received the attention they deserve.”

Geoff Newman
Newman & Allen
Criminal Defense


“It is such an incredible business group and mastermind group. And it’s getting better by the day. We really look forward to a long relationship not only with Crisp, but with the other members of our group.”

Jay Kelley
Elk & Elk Co., Ltd
Personal Injury

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a Crisp Coach program?

Your Crisp Coach experience includes:

  • A strategic library of Crisp’s world-class legal videos, custom-produced to align with your law firm’s marketing needs and growth goals.
  • Managed digital advertising campaigns to saturate the major online channels with your law firm’s messaging (Crisp Social Stack), complete with a dedicated team of client success specialists and regular reporting to keep you in the loop.
  • The industry’s top coaching and strategic workshop environment, combining virtual and in-person events and connecting you with like-minded law firm owners and the latest tools and tactics in law firm growth.

Top-of-the-line resources to empower your team and align your organization, including exclusive access to Crisp Academy — the legal industry’s first all-in-one marketing & business development training platform.

What is the commitment required to be a part of Crisp Coach?

The effort and commitment you put into your involvement in the Crisp Coach program will directly impact the amount of value and return you get on your investment.

Law firms involved in Crisp Coach are all-in, 100% committed to elevating and improving their organizations. If you are that committed to growing your firm, you will need to dedicate significant time and effort to get the most value out of the Crisp Coach program.

We don’t ask for much — but you should ask for much of yourself. You could do nothing, but then you shouldn’t expect your experience to drive transformational results.

Is Crisp Coach for a specific practice area or type of firm?

Growth-minded law firms in every practice area and in every market benefit from Crisp Coach. The program includes actionable strategies, unparalleled networking, and strategic partnerships that apply to any leader looking to level up their organization — the things Crisp Coach members learn and implement are agnostic to practice area.

We have firms in the Crisp Coach program ranging from criminal defense, personal injury, and family law to property damage, mass torts, and everything in between.

Want to acquire more cases? Want to increase your average case value? Want to become a more intentional leader? Want to improve hiring and company culture? With Crisp Coach, your goals are our goals, and we work alongside you to achieve them.

Is Crisp Coach for a specific firm size? Can I join Crisp Coach if I don’t have a team?

Whether you’re a solo practitioner, a small firm, or a goliath in your market — if you’re looking to take things to the next level, this program can help.

Having a team is not required, but having a growth mindset is.

How is Crisp Coach different from other coaching programs?

Most coaching programs will FAIL you. Tired templates, copy/paste tactics, and fortune-cookie advice won’t grow your firm. Crisp Coach is less like a “kumbaya” summer camp and more like training for the Navy SEALs: tough love, hard work, serious results.

  • They paint by numbers. We help you draw the blueprint.
  • They give you guys. We push you past limitations.
  • They preach from the pulpit. We get in the weeds with you.
  • They drown you in tactics. We give you tools to grow.

You won’t be force-fed regurgitated tactics you could get from any management book. Crisp Coach attacks the root of what’s holding you back.

It’s the difference between being handed a fishing rod and being taught how to fish.

Is Crisp Coach expensive?

Crisp Coach is only expensive if you don’t show up, take action, and go all-in. 

In fact, 97% of our members rate the Crisp Coach program as one of the top two best investments they’ve made in their firm — period.

If you view time and resources spent on improving and growing your law firm as an investment to be maximized rather than a cost to be minimized (and you’re willing to dedicate the time and effort to taking the actions you must take), you’ll likely feel the same.