Here are the other gifts you're eligible to receive as a referral partner:

1 Qualifying Referral*
We’ll send you The Mystery Box. Although we keep what’s inside a secret, we can tell you it’s something you want but never knew to ask for. These items are hand-picked just for you (no two boxes are alike) and valued at $500.

* A Qualifying Referral is simply someone you refer who ends up becoming a Crisp client.
2+ Qualifying Referrals
We’ll set you up with a high-end shoe designer. You’ll choose the leather, color, sole and style, so every part of the shoe is tailored to your personal preferences. In fact, 90% of your personality is communicated by your choice of footwear -- and nothing says “success” and makes a memorable statement more than a custom-made pair of shoes.
3+ Qualifying Referrals
We’ll match you with a personal stylist who will put together and deliver a collection of exclusive business wear customized to your style and needs. You’ll look your best in some of the world’s best brands without having to step foot inside a store.


 5+ Qualifying Referrals

We’ll set up, monitor and optimize a 3-month Facebook marketing campaign to bring in more of your dream clients, while covering all your advertising costs (an $11,000 value). All you’ll need to do is handle the new leads that come in to your law firm.


7+ Qualifying Referrals
We’ll fly you to Atlanta to get fitted for a custom-made premium suit crafted by one of the world’s finest tailors. From the style, cut, fabric, stitching and detailing, every aspect is selected and created for you. And to complement this white-glove treatment, you’ll stay at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and enjoy a 5-star dinner.
10+ Qualifying Referrals

We’ll fly you and a guest to Atlanta for a private, game-changing experience for your law firm. During the last 5 years, Crisp Video has doubled revenue each year. We were also just named to Top 20% of the Inc. 5000 of the fastest-growing companies in America. Not only will you see how we achieved this growth, we’ll give you all our strategies, resources and tools. So your practice can experience similar growth and recognition.


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Uncompromising Rewards for Uncompromising Clients


Step 1:

Use the form below* to submit referrals to our team. You will receive credit for any referrals who become clients.

*Must be a Crisp client or vendor partner to participate


Step 2:

Once we get their information, our team will contact them to set up a free (no obligation) video marketing strategy session.


Step 3:

When your referral becomes a client, you get an entry to win the new grand prize. You'll also begin earning rewards from our prize tiers! Go back to Step 1 and repeat — there's no limit to the rewards you can earn!

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